About Us

      Takemoru (Thai) Co., Ltd.  was established since 4th September 2013 by the fully support of Takemoru Industrial Association (Thailand) Co., Ltd. who is an expert in building repairs and imports the premium grade of "Cemucon" waterproofing products with excellent adhesion power, including technology related to the repair of cracked buildings and water leaks from Japan for over 20 years.  With works those are accepted in the construction industry for both repair work and improvement of the water supply system in office buildings and residential buildings in more than 300 projects. (Click here to see our works) 

We have a team of specialists and technicians to analize and provide the following repair services:

Repair work   • Repairing the cracked wall of the building – falling of the wall tile/granite
                      • Solve the problem of water leakage wall, floor deck, water tank, swimming pool, etc.
                      • Exterior and interior painting of tall buildings and residential buildings.
                      • Silicone seal, glass window-aluminum, curtain wall, cladding.
                      • Precast polyurethane wall seal
System work  • Water pipe replacement service of  PPR pipe/HDPE pipe/SYLER pipe.
                       • Installation and improvement services for plumbing.

Our Previous Work